The Spa Strummers have been booked to play gigs at pubs and clubs, music festivals, charity fundraisers, agricultural shows, beer festivals, village fetes, wedding receptions, birthday and anniversary parties, WW1 commerative events, official civic functions and Christmas parties.
We can provide a group of between 7 and 20 players (depending on event) capable of providing a performance intimate enough for a small venue, pub or club, or big enough for a large outdoor event or indoor arena. The Spa Strummers effortlessly convey their sense of fun and humour. Their feelgood singalongs are guaranteed get feet tapping. The Strummers can satisfy any size of audience regardless of age, gender or musical preferences.

The bands requirements are minimal:
A performance space large enough for a minimum of 7 musicians and a PA.
Mains power within easy reach.
Parking for car(s), preferably with easy access for loading and unloading.
Somewhere to store equipment cases/bags and a place to change - nothing too plush is required; but 'changing in the ladies / gents toilets' can be awkward!
A food/drinks rider is not expected, but a round on the house or a peck at the buffet is always appreciated!
The band can provide all their own equipment. We have three PA systems of differing power