Tony Bath - funeral and wake

Funeral Monday 8th April 10.30am at Canley Crem (Cannon Hill).
Wake APPROX 11.30am at Club Coombe Social Club, Coventry CV3 2HY
Liz Bath has requested that we wear our colourful shirts, hats etc.

We have been asked to play at the wake as well as another group from Christ the King.
This is purely acoustic with wooden ukes, no amps or plug-ins (apart from Laura's bass). Note the change of order since last Wednesday's practice and changes of Tickle My Heart (now V2) (intro and 1st verse is solo) and slight changes to- I'll See You In My Dreams (now V3) (instrumental now exactly as chorus, and picked by John A). Please have a look before the wake.
List of songs, we'll play as many as we can.

Tickle My Heart V2 New Version 2
What a Crazy World We're Livin' In
A Picture of You V3
That's What Love Will Do V5
Sea of Heartbreak
I Like Ukuleles
I'll See You In My Dreams V3 New Version 3
Let's Talk Dirty In Hawaiian
Bring Me Sunshine
On the Road Again