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Spa Strummers name and identity. 
Be aware that there is only one SPA STRUMMERS ukulele group. Another group has used a very similar a name in an attempt to mislead the public, with an obvious attempt to plaguerise our name and thereby gain credibility on the back of all our hard work and reputation we have built up over 7 years.  Be aware the the upcoming Whitnash Fun Day programme has misleadingly used 2 of our pictures on the front of their programme.

About us
Ukulele playing has become increasingly popular, and our new community group was formed in Leamington Spa in 2011 by David Jenkins. We meet each week, virtually using Zoom during the pandemic.
In virus-free times we meet and have fun rehearsing a range of ukulele friendly songs every week and perform at charity events, festivals, care homes, pubs and clubs..

Joining / Beginners
In virus-free time there is a regular beginners / improvers ukulele session - See Beginners Page

Change of meet-ups, day and venue

Spa Strummers future weekly meetings will resume very soon
on Wednesday nights (from Thursdays)
At new venue :
The Cubbington Sports and Social Club
Windmill Hill, Cubbington, Leamington Spa CV32 7LN 

Also Beginners / Improvers are invited to join us on the same evening.
We will be trying a new format, by inviting Improvers to sit in or play along with the main group after some initial Improvers tuition  

First Improvers meeting Wednesday June 23rd 7pm Cubbington Club

Zoom meetings suspended for now