Please ring 07545 863136 or email if you have any questions.
THE Spa Strummers Ukulele LEARNERS GROUP
Next meeting Wednesday 12th Jan  the beginners are in the main bar area in the Cubbington Club. 7pm for 7.15pm .  After about 60 mins of tuition, you can come downstairs into the Function Room and join the main Spa Strummers group for the rest of the night.
We will play 1 or 2 songs which you have just practised.
Anyone can come, bring a ukulele, or just listen and/or sing along. However, important that you phone  Dave 07545 863136 to book you in first time.
All beginners and those of you who would like to revisit the basics, or get back up to speed, or just socialise, are very welcome.

Previous Wed 3rd November
Achy Breaky Heart (G & barre D7) and King of the Road (G, C, and D7).
Then we will run through Jambalaya (C & G7) using the Island Strum and then look at
The Banana Boat Song (also C & G7) and work on changing chord mid strum.
If time, weíll start on
Da doo Ron Ron (C, F and G7) and practise 500 miles (C, F & G).
Please practise the chord changes and the Island Strum (on the King of the Road song sheet). Have a little go every day!
Try practising with YouTube, donít forget to slow it down if you need to:
Banana Boat Song (Day-O)(kids version but has the right chords)
Da doo Ron Ron
500 miles

From previous week Wednesday 27th October session
We will run through chord basics and finger placements for  main ukulele chords for gCEA tuning.
Link to New chord sheet with finger placements - please print / download
This week we are going to work on two songs -
Achy Breaky Heart in G  V1
King of the Road V2
Please practise them before you come along if you can.
To help, you can practise Achy Breaky Heart  with the ukulele play along on YouTube This song only has two chords
If you donít know King of the Road, then listen to it on YouTube, Randy Travis sings it in the right key but beware he changes key halfway through and we donít! This song has three chords, a strumming pattern and some stops and starts to get used to.
You can change the speed of the playback on YouTube when you have a song ready to play by clicking on the 3 little dots at the top of the page and then clicking on Playback speed.
Try and practise a bit everyday using some of the songs we have worked on before

Songs from previous
Donald Where's Yerr Troosers
You Are My Sunshine
Singing In the Rain
500 Miles (Proclaimers)
Hi Ho Silver Lining
Teenager in Love
Leavin' On a Jet Plane
All I Have to do is Dream
These Boots Are Made for Walking
Dirty Old Town
Happy Birthday to You (Picking practice in C)
Da Do Ron Ron (Version without kazoos
NOTES FOR RAW BEGINNERS to practise at home to help get to BASIC  level.
If you have a brand new ukulele then you need to tune it up  as often as you can before the meeting.
New ukes tend to come with slack strings and because they are nylon, will stretch and stretch until they settle down.
Here is a link to YouTube on how to tune up.

Important - For all Beginners and Improvers - watch this  YouTube video of strumming technique 

Print out and practice the following sheets.
Ukulele basics - notes for beginners
print out / download this chord sheet
print out / download this chords in groups sheet
Ukele basic strumming patterns
He's Got the Whole World In His Hands
You Are My Sunshine
Dance The Night away
Donald Where's Yer Troosers
Blowing in the Wind

Previous 10th November format
This week we'll look at some/all of these
500 miles (V3)- check the strum pattern
Da Do Ron Ron (v4)
Teenager in love (V2)
All I have to do is dream (V2)
plus we'll run through what we've done already.
Practise the chords and the chords changes, we'll be adding F and Am in these songs
One or two of the above songs will be played along with main group later.
Previously Dec 8th we worked on 
Teenager in Love, which we'll tweak a bit!
My Boy Lollipop V2 - see how some of the chord changes come between the lines, My boy Lollipop
9-5 (Dolly Parton) listen here But not in the right key!
Rocking Around the Christmas tree  (Improvers simpler version)
Rocking Around the Christmas tree V6  (Intermediate)
focusing on how the chord changes fit into songs
Practise moving between the chords easily to get your fingers used to the patterns.

Happy Birthday for the finger picking

We'll also work through some of the songs the Strummers have on their list for Wednesday (see News page)
Bring me Sunshine
Oom pah pah (waltz rthymn) Listen here for the rthymn
Finally have a listen to this new Song, Merry Christmas, and see if you can recognise the C Am F G pattern

Previously Dec 15th :-  
We'll revise Happy Birthday (in C) and look at Mama Mia, both for fingerpicking, please practise!
We'll try waltz rhythm with Oom Pah Pah and finish with We wish you a Merry Christmas plus a  few of our previous practise songs, any requests?

This week Wed Jan 19th : CANCELLED (COVID)

First any questions - anyone struggling ? 
Then we'll play the 3 songs below, and play the third one with the main group later
Silver Surfer lne Love,  (NEW VERSION by Cheryl based on  Teenager in Love)
We'll practice the strumming pattern (calypso strum)  Look at this YouTube video
Five Foot Two V2 (NEW VERSION) Quickstep-  lots of chord changes to try
Under the boardwalk V3 -new modified version (errors in the earlier one)