Please ring 07545 863136 or email if you have any questions.
THE Spa Strummers Ukulele LEARNERS GROUP
Anyone can come, bring a ukulele, or just listen and/or sing along. However, important that you phone  Dave 07545 863136 to book you in first time.
All beginners and those of you who would like to revisit the basics, or get back up to speed, or just socialise, are very welcome.
Next meeting Wednesday 18th May. Beginners / Improvers are in the main bar area in the Cubbington Club. 7pm.  After about 60 mins of tuition, you can come downstairs into the Function Room and join the main Spa Strummers group for the rest of the night.
With the main group we will play one or two songs which you will have just practised.

If you are a raw beginner - download  "beginners guide to the ukulele" as below.
Important to read this and practice a few chords and some simple strumming as shown in the guide before you come. Also download the "beginners songbook" as below.

Please make sure you have access to BOTH beginners booklets from the Beginners page  for our practise night, either print them out or put them on your tablet as we may use any of the songs !

Please look at this video for the preferred strumming with index finger
(Do NOT use your thumb (only if you have a physical problem with your finger.)In preparation for this week:
Basics - strumming technique, look at the video on the Strummers Beginners page and read through p4 of the Beginners Guide to check your left hand position. (Index finger not thumb to strum)

This week's format 18th May
Warming up - strumming practise
    1&2&3&4&1& 2& 3&4& &1&2&3&4   1 &2&3 & 4&
    D  D  D  D   DUDUDUDU   U  U  U  U   DUDUDUDU     and repeat in continuous rythym.
    Please practise this at home!

Please make sure you have these songs to hand plus the beginners songbook in case we have time for something extra.

warm up - Da Doo Ron Ron (from beginners songbook)

recap - Rocking all over the world v5 
             My boy lollipop (from beginners songbook)

new song - Eight Days a Week (also on the Songs page)

If time
Mama Mia
Daytrip to Bangor

Do find time to have a bit of a practise, look at the chords first and think about best fingers to use on which string to get easier moves between the chords.

Challenge! Dave (and I) have talked about barre chords - how you can play the same chord in different places on your fretboard. If any of the above songs are beginning to feel a bit easy then try playing them with barre chords instead!

Our warm up song - Dirty Old Town from the Beginners Songbook

Focus on finger picking using
These boots are made for walking (Beg Songbook)
Mama Mia (Beg Songbook)
Hotel California (Strummers Songs page) - Listen here
Recap on instructions for practising this song - The chords are pretty much the same as the version on the Strummers Song page and you can play along with the track. Don't forget you can slow it down.

Practise at whichever level you feel comfortable with!
Level 1 - practise chord changes
Level 2 -Listen to the rythymn of the playing pattern, particularly for the verse then try and strum along
Level 3 - Finger picking for the verses
Pick 4th string (nearest you) with your thumb
Pick in turn 3rd, 2nd 1st, 2nd string - one finger for each string, followed by one downstroke across all strings. Then play that to the rythymn you hear! Just stick to one chord for a while so you can concentrate on the rthymn.

New Songs
The Day we went to Bangor (Strummers Songs page) and listen here.
Eight Days a Week (Strummers Songs page)