Regular drop-in laid-back sessions for UKULELE BEGINNERS / IMPROVERS.
Anyone can come, bring a ukulele (or - we have spare ukes) or just listen and/or sing along.  Phone Dave 07545 863136 for more info.
Oak House Club 87 Upper Holly Walk, Leamington Spa CV32 4JS
Next meeting Wednesday November 13th  at the Oak House Club    87 Upper Holly Walk    Leamington Spa    CV32 4JS

Please ring 07545 863136 or email dave@spa-strummers.co.uk if you have any questions.
For all Beginners and Improvers - watch this  YouTube video of strumming technique 

7pm start for Beginners to learn the basics or people who would like to revise the basics of ukulele playing then we start at 7pm.

then at 7.30 pm we will continue, with an Improvers session. Raw beginners are welcome to join in, but it would be best if they attend the 7pm session first.
8.10pm Short break  
8.20pm continue Improvers session until 9pm end.
9.05pm  Any individual's questions, extra tuition and explanations Everyone welcome to join in.
Next time (13th Nov) 
There will be instruction on strum finger and thumb techniques, strum patterns, tempo and simple rhythms.
All - be ready to all play this week standard guitar strum D DU UDU as demo'd last time. (you have practiced ?! )
Also off-beat Strum on beats 2 and 4 of  4/4 time (Reggae type)   |1 tap  2 strum  3 tap   4 strum |...
Also Waltz 3/4 pattern  Clip only 4th (G) string down then DD..    so-  clipDD clipDD clipDD...
For all Beginners and Improvers - watch this  YouTube video of strumming technique 

the 2 chord Jambalaya to get us going
then new song for 13th Nov
Dance the night away watch this video of the Sedgley Strummers at our 2014 festival to get the idea

We may also revisit these from earlier weeks
When the saints go marching in New this week
Hi Ho Silver Lining in A
Eight Days a Week in C
All I Have To Do Is Dream
These Boots Are Made for Walking (full version) picking, timing and rhythm excerise
These Boots (extra notes),to clarify run down (should be 33 2 0 A at end)
Five Foot Two

from 2nd Oct and earlier
Walk Right Back in C
Bad Moon Rising in G
Leaving On a Jet Plane in C
Rock Around The Clock in C
Dirty Old Town
Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs
Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey