Email from St Mark's Church fund raising concert
"Dear Dave
Thank you so much for all your efforts on Saturday night & entertaining us so well. It was a brilliant evening & I'm very grateful for the strummers donation. Please pass on my thanks to everyone. I'm pleased to say we managed to raise 568.71, most of which was gift aided, so we did very well & our kitchen should be totally finished by this Friday.
Certainly hope you can revisit next year & play for us in the hall, so we can 'bop' around a bit better.  Maybe a summer event with drinks & cake.
All the best.
Nikki "

CLARITY ON CHARITY  - We are very proud to have supported (and will continue to support ) charities and charitable events. Recently we were proud to donate 150 to Salvation Army, 250 to the Graham Fulford Trust (prostate screening), 250 to Helping Hands (homeless local support), 250 to Entrust Partnership (local handicapped children) and 250 to Breast Cancer Now.
A huge thanks to all who supported our last 4 annual festivals and numerous other events which has enabled us in turn to support worthy causes. We donated 500 from our funds to Air Ambulance from our last festival, plus 121 taken on the day at their stall. We also donated to Christian Aid, Prostaid and Macmillan Cancer Support from our funds and fund raising night. The previous 3 festivals enabled us to contribute over 1550 to Zoe's Place Baby Hospice. We are also proud to have supported and performed at numerous diverse charity events from the outset, including local fund raising events for individuals and schools. A huge thanks to all Strummers and public, whose wonderful positive participation make it all possible.  - David Jenkins
Good afternoon Dave
I am just emailing to say thank you so much for kindly supporting us. We will get you an official Thank you letter sent out, I just wanted to send over a quick thank you. I hope everything went really well with the concert.
Thank you once again for choosing to support us and we hope to be in touch with you in the future.
Maddy Bravery
Community Executive Breast Cancer Now
Dear Dave, Please accept my sincere thanks on behalf of your goodself and all your colleagues for the very generous cheque for 250 to enable us to continue our work. It was great to see other worthwhile local causes also receiving much needed you should all be very proud....keep up the good work. Thanks also for entertaining us so were all clearly enjoying it as much as we were. Great stuff! I've taken the liberty of adding you to our Warwick Group so that I can keep you up to date about local testing events so you can pass the word on to your friends, relatives and neighbours. Hope that's ok. Thanks again. Regards Graham Fulford

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GRAHAM FULFORD TRUST - Prostate cancer screening
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HELPING HANDS - helping the homeless
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ENTRUST PARTNERSHIP - Helping disabled children